Finally Break the Cycle of
 Inconsistent Habits
& Unanswered Duas

RaiseYourHabits is an on-demand video course for Muslims who want to accelerate their Dream Duas through strategic action. This will rewire your approach to habits and emotional patterns finally removing guilt, shame & anxiety from past "failures"

Because the content in each module is incredibly powerful, to help you implement each step in the system, you'll also get three LIVE sessions with Muhammad Alshareef & Razia Hamidi inside a private Facebook student community.

Why making Dua is NOT always enough

When I looked back at the Dream Duas that DIDN'T manifest for me - year after year - I finally recognized the pattern.

Those were the Duas with ZERO action - inconsistent at best.

Look, the Prophet ﷺ taught us in the famous hadith to have trust in Allah AND tie your camel - because it's a 2-part equation. 

So in Ramadan you trusted Allah - you made Dua for everything you wanted...

...and now comes the strategy, the consistent good deeds and habits that'll walk you towards your manifested Duas, in sha Allah.  

This is the vital system needed especially when the Ramadan high disappears.

Nazeer's Dua Manifested: 
From inactive to running a 10K marathon

The Ramadan high WILL disappear - so what's your strategy?

Too many people think what they lack is motivation. 

I'll be frank - motivation doesn't stick around - not even during Ramadan.

Nor is it about willpower or self-discipline.  To arrive at your destination, you must enjoy the journey.

To stay the course and build the habits so they become part of who you are - you have to LOVE the process.

To become a person of Salah, to stay committed to making your Dream Duas, to welcome the good life (hayatun Tayyibah)... must engineer it!

Because excellence is never the result of accident, or scattered effort, or static wishes. 

Raheemah's Dua Manifested:
Published Author

This has become essential to manifesting my Dream Duas

  • Deep dive into your emotional and behavioural patterns to pinpoint the source of self-sabotage.
  • ​Understand the deep-seated values you didn't know were the cause of how and why you behave, feel, and think the way you do
  • ​Pre-empt against pitfalls and obstacles before they happen with a detailed "If - Then" strategy.
  • ​​Slay the "perfectionism" excuse holding you back from taking the first step.
  • ​​Learn how to hold yourself accountable daily, weekly, and quarterly - measure your progress and recalibrate accordingly. 
  • ​Master the art of balance so you can give the important people in your life the time they deserve - including yourself - and above all else your Creator.
  • ​​Rethink the meaning of "accountability" - the #1 thing sabotaging your success
  • ​Internalize a new identity based on who you need to be in order to manifest your Dream Duas. 
  • ​Embody the habits and vital behaviours that'll unlock your success.
  • ​​With trademarked "DreamCards", blueprint your post-Ramadan Masterplan - you'll never want to leave home without them.

Here's what you get inside the program

  • 11+ hours of on-demand video modules with Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef ($497 value)
  • ​3 LIVE sessions with Shaykh Muhammad & Razia Hamidi ($197 value)
  • ​A private Facebook community for peer support & accountability
  • ​Bonus #1: [Tag Cloud] Guarantee Future Joy by Using Past Data (Value of $97)
  • ​Bonus #2: Slay the Criticism Dragon (Value of $47)
  • ​Bonus #3: Fundamentals of Journaling for Life ($47)
  • ​Bonus #4: PDF List of 50 Things To Experience & Achieve This Year to help you with your Dream Discovery ($27)

A total value of $912+


In your first step, get the ingredients of living the best life as Allah says in the Quran "Hayatun Tayyibah"

Internalize what it takes to transform internally by taking on the identity and responsibility of an action-taking believer.

Even when systems are in place for consistent habits, our emotions and patterns override all the "headwork" we put in place. This module rewires those self-sabotaging emotions and values.

How do you hold yourself accountable on a weekly, quarterly and annual basis? Get my green, yellow, red light system.

Watch Muhammad Alshareef take on student case studies to coach them through the steps of the DreamWalker System. You'll get 2 extra pre-recorded sessions to further your understanding of the content.

These are "fill-in-the-numbers" style index cards to put all the steps together in a one-page blueprint. Consider these your post-Ramadan Masterplan - you'll never want to leave home without them.

Attend 3 LIVE sessions with Muhammad Alshareef & Razia Hamidi with a chance to ask questions and take the framework even further. 

You'll also get the private Facebook community for peer support & accountability.
Lifetime access to your private and confidential student portal
6 Video Modules with Dr. Yasir Qadhi including Frank Sex Advice
Video Modules with Menahal Begawala, Megan Wyatt, and Zeyad Ramadan

This system has been taught to hundreds of students
previously sold for $497.

Mostakim's Dua Manifested:
Career & education achievements
Nobera's Dua Manifested:
Quran at Fajr & Healthy Eating
Luisana's Dua Manifested
Marriage & business advancements

for the first time ever, Raise Your Habits: The DreamWalker System is now available for lifetime on-demand access for only $197.

While this program is exceptionally powerful, we understand it may not be for everyone.

For that reason, you have 7 days to let us know...

...and your money will be fully refunded, no hard feelings. 

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Will my access ever expire?
No, you will have lifetime access to the full course, bonuses, and resources.
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The registration price is $497.00 USD. A payment plan is available on the cart page.
I changed my mind, can I get a refund?
You can get a no questions asked, full refund up to 7 days after registration, giving you access to some sessions of the program and bonus resources to explore before making a decision.
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